Friday, May 9, 2014

May 8th and May 9th

May 8th was the day I was scheduled to present at Kookmin University to Professor Ahn's art education graduate students. That morning I woke up, went to school, taught my two blocks of art, and then observed an international class until 4:30.  At 4:30, I caught a taxi to kookmin university, and met Professor Ahn there by 5:00.  The campus was beautiful. She also showed me the fine arts building, and introduced me to some of the students and their work.  Kookmin's art department is ranked #5 in  Korea, so their work was amazing.  After the campus tour, we ate dinner at a really fancy restaurant on campus.  We then walked over to her classroom, and I gave my presentation about the art education program at WKU.  Professor Ahn translated for the class as I went.  The presentation was over an hour all together with translations and questions. The class was really welcoming, and seemed really interested. I was really
Nervous about the whole ordeal, but it turned out fine. I then caught a cab to giurem station, and took the subway home.

May 9th (Friday) was my last actual day teaching at Kyunghee. It was kind of rough because I had two classes of sixth grade.  The first two classes (6th and 4th) did the ceramics project.  The class after lunch (also 6th grade) finished their fauvism project from two weeks ago (I didn't see this class last week due to last Friday being a half day at school).  After classes were through for the day, mrs. Lee and I (with the help of another English teacher, some other school staff, and even a few student) put up a display of the student work from the fauve project up inside the main entrance of the school.  It looked amazing, and I think the principal really liked it.  Afterwards, the principal, the art teacher, and professor Ahn and I went out for dinner together.  I thought it was very kind of the principal to take us all out like that to a Korean place that he loves. After dinner, professor Ahn drove me back to my homestay house.  The family and I went shopping at Dongdaemun market.  Dongdaemun market only opens after 8:30 every night, and stays open til 5:00am.  My homestay mom actually works there, and owns her own business there called "again be".  She showed me her shop,and  I met some of her employees.  She was kind enough to give me some clothes from her store for my mother back home.  I bought some things as well. We got back home around  11:15 and crashed. 

Photos from Kookmin presentation:  

Student display:


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