Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 30th and May 1st

Classes went fine these two days. Nothing new, really.  The classes have still been working on their fauve portraits during the first part of class, and then having a class discussion with myself in English and Ms. Lee in Korean.  Ms. Lee gave me ANOTHER awesome gift today (Korean teas), so I think that I'm getting much more comfortable here.  The principal invited me to dinner on the 9th of May, and showed me where I will be displaying the fauve portraits.  Tomorrow is only a half day due to "children's day" festivities.  Also, one of my fifth grade students finished her project early, so she drew my portrait using the facial proportion knowledge I taught in class. It was amazing. It made me feel like I did a good job teaching, like the kids appreciate me, and it made me freel so lucky to have this amazing opportunity.

Also, on the night of the 29th, I met my friends Dina and Hyuna for dinner and a drink around the Hanyang university area. It was so nice to meet them and just talk and be around one another again. I have missed them so so much.

Ms. Lee's gift to me.  Korean Tea:

Portrait drawn by my student:

Student that drew the portrait:

Hyuna cooking the meat at our dinner:

Hyuna, Dina, and I at V-bar near Wangsimni Station: 

Inside V-bar (we were the only ones there):


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