Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24th

So today was okay I think. No police showed up... I also didn't destroy any technology. So I think that counts as a success.  I had one fourth grade class, and one fifth grade class. Everything went fine. 

After classes were over, I went to the English department. I am getting to know the teachers, and I really like everyone. I helped grade a few tests and things like that.

After school, I visited the area around hanyang and wangsimni station. It was very nostalgic and actually pretty sad. I met some amazing people and made some awesome friends from all over the world during the summer of 2012 during the Hanyang international summer school program.  Some pictures: 

The building where some of my friends stayed during the Hanyang summer school program in 2012.

This mural was in the process of being painted the last time I was in Seoul:

The international party was held at this bar in 2012:

This tiny, sketchy alley always smelled reay weird... And it still does!! 



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