Monday, April 21, 2014

First day teaching (third day at Kyunghee)

Today was my first day actually teaching at Kyunghee Elementary.
It went pretty well overall, I think.  I had two fifth grade classes, and that was all.  The classes are really long, though.  Maybe an hour and 20 minutes each? The language barrier is a little more difficult than I had originally expected. Most students speak some English... But it is hard to teach completely foreign concepts in English to them.

The lesson was over fauvism, the fauvist use of color, and facial proportion/ portrait drawing.  I began the lesson with a PowerPoint.  I don't think the students really got a lot out of it, though.  I then showed two step by step demonstrations on how to draw a face with correct proportions, and how to properly use oil pastels.  Some did an awesome job... And some, not so much. Very similar ranges to the children in America, actually.  


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