Thursday, April 17, 2014

Second day at kyunghee elementary

It was another great day!! (Mostly)
My mentor teacher and I found a rudimentary way to communicate. We used google translate all day.  It isn't always the best... But way better than nothing.  We also determined that I would begin teaching this coming Monday.  I will be teaching a lesson that I taught at Auburn in Logan County, KY.  It is about fauvism and facial proportions (fauve portraits).  I will be teaching fourth, fifth, and sixth grades... Which I beleive is all of the classes.  It should be interesting.  
Today my host brother Minseong was in the fourth grade class.  In this class, one boy punched another boy in the face. The boy that was punched bled and cried a lot. 
Other than that... It was a good day!! Can't wait to see what happens this weekend!! 

Art room building 

Art room (inside)

Some pictures of campus:

The school:

My desk: 


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