Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 28th and 29th

The lesson so far this week has gone really well. Most students are having enough time to finish their fauve portraits, and I'm having plenty of time to introduce them to ceramics. It is very lucky that the classes are so long!! A lot of the drawings are looking really great as well!! A lot are looking not so great, though.  On both of these dates (the 28th and the 29th), I had sixth grade groups that did not want to cooperate.  They were hard to keep on task, wanted to fight, and just be loud in general.  In one of the sixth grade classes, I had a group of boys that ruined their own drawings by scribbling on them, and writing words all over them (words that I couldn't read).  Not to mention the fact that they were destroying the oil pastels in the process.  Over all, though, this week had gone very smoothly.  The art teacher gave me a really nice calligraphy mat, as well as three different calligraphy brushes as a gift.  I really love them, and I hope she knows how genuinely thankful I am for how she is so patient in trying to communicate with me and helping me with the students and everything else. She is a very sweet lady.  Also, today, the principal came in to observe one of my classes. He also brought his camera and took pictures of me teaching.  Luckily when he was in the classroom, the students remained respectful, attentive, and under control.  

Calligraphy set: 

Homestay mom made bibimbap last night!!  I was told that this is a very hard process, and that if she made it for me, that means she really loves me :)) it was delicious, of course 

Some photos of how the fauve portraits are coming along:

They're so sweet :))

They were using a soccer ball to play basketball :))


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