Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 7th

Today was my first day teaching a ceramics lesson, and the first day after the long weekend. It was... Okay I guess. Today just was not my day, really.  I didn't get to go to sleep last night until really late, and I do not function well without enough sleep.  The first class was sixth grade, so they were a nightmare.  6th graders (in America as well) just generally do not listen well, and misbehave frequently.  They were just bad... And the class was a little rocky. Also, my stomach felt awful all day, and I was just sick and tired.  Also, professor Ahn showed up to observe... Which made me really nervous... Especially since the class was not going very well.  After the 6th graders left, though, the next class (4th graders) came in, and I pulled my act together for professor Ahn's sake.  This class went much better, that is, until the camera men came in.  Today, the school was shooting a promotional video to advertise the school, and so three camera men came into the class a little more than midway through to film out class. The kids got really distracted, and the camera men kept getting then off task by asking them to group together with their (very fragile) pottery to take pictures.  Many pots were fatally wounded in this event. Also, they took up a lot of time, and the students didn't have enough time to clean well, which left me to do the job.  Also, on the way home, the bus driver skipped my stop for some reason... So I had to walk forever back home with my stomach killing me.  Anyways... Enough complaining... I really am just glad to be here in this amazing city, and experiencing amazing things, and making great memories.


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