Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2 (Friday)

So today/ tonight was awesome.  School was only half a day because of children's day festivities at school.  So I had two classes, and left school at 2:30. After school, I met a friend at Wangsimni station, and we went to Gangnam to eat and window shop. There was actually a subway train accident at Sanwangsimni station (one station over) and my friend was almost in it. Luckily, she missed that train.  I do not know details, but I heard it was very bad. Maybe 170 casualties. So sad :((
Anyways...  Everything is very expensive in Gangnam, so we didn't really buy anything.  We are at a really nice Korean Restaurant, then walked around Gangnam. We actually met a really famous Korean celebrity in one of the stores we went into. The girl I was with almost went insane. It was actually really weird because he was just in there shopping alone.  He goes by "M". He took a picture with us!! After this, we window shopped a bit more, then went to a really nice coffee shop. Great night :))

Ms. Lee (mentor art teacher) and I:

One of my classes and I:

They're so adorable :)) :

Hyuna, M, and myself:

Our dinner:



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