Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Last post :((

So i guess this will be my last post here about Seoul, South Korea.  It's been several days since I posted... So I will pick up where I left off.

Saturday and Saturday night were really enjoyable.  My host mom took my brother and I to go see Spider-Man at a local theatre in a mall.  I thought it was interesting that the last time I was in Korea for the Hanyang exchange, I went and saw the first Amazing Spider-Man... And now that I'm back, the sequel came out, and I saw it here in Seoul as well.  The movie was amazing, and Minseong loved it as well.  After the movie, I bought an electric shaver at the mall (mine broke due to wattage differences), and we had smoothies.  After the movie, we caught a cab back home.  I got ready, and headed to Namyeong on the subway.  I went to my friend Dina's apartment... Her and some of our other friends were having a going-away party for me.  We stayed there and played games for a while, then took a cab to Itaewon.  It was very nice to see that they cared about me leaving enough to see me off with one last get-together. 

Sunday was very relaxed.  I mainly just naked and hung around the apartment all day.  That night, one of Minseong's friends came over, and I helped them with their English homework.  We then had dinner, and shortly after, went to bed.  

Monday was great.  There was, however, a misunderstanding.  I was told that during my last week, I would only be observing.  When class started though, I could tell by ms. Lee's body language that she expected me to teach.  This was no big deal, I didn't mind at all, I just wasn't expecting it.  I had two classes of fifth grade.  We did the clay lesson.  Both classes were as good as gold.  After classes were finished... Ms. Lee and I hung up the rest of the fauve portraits (4th and 5th graders).  The principal and some other staff helped us hang wire along walls in the hallway, on which we hung the portraits with paper clips.  It took a really long time... But it looked nice.  After this, I helped an English teacher with one of his after school classes, and left for home around 4:30. That night, I gave Minseong and his mom the gifts I brought them from WKU. They were just simple things... But they seemed to really appreciate them.  

Tuesday was my last day at the school.  It was definitely really really sad for me. Saying goodbye to the kids was really depressing.  I had fourth, fifth, and sixth.  All classes went well.  As I was leaving the art room for the final time, Ms. lee, and the students who came to the art room for an after school program walked me out and bowed as I left.  It was really sweet.  After school, The English department got together and had a going-away dinner for me.  I thought that was really awesome of them.  It was a small Korean place.  I'm going to miss them, I feel like I really connected with some of them.  After dinner, I actually went to one of the teachers apartment with her and another one of the teachers, and the three of us just had a glass of wine, and chatted about Korea.  It was a very nice, relaxing night.  

Wednesday, I did not have to go to school.  I woke up a little later than normal, walked Minseong out to the bus, and met professor Ahn outside the apartment so she could say goodbye.  She even had a gift for me- a Kookmin University mug.  I was sad to say goodbye to her... She has done so much for me during my stay.  After she left, I headed back up, showered, and headed to Insadong via subway to buy souvenirs for people back home.  I really enjoyed spending this time alone, walking around the city and.  I then went home and waited for Minseong to get home.  His aunt, uncle, and little cousin came over as well one last time to tell me goodbye.  Once he got home, we went to a place nearby to eat.  We had live octopus, fish head, sea cucumber, sea slug, sashimi, pajong, and other foods... As well as soju.  It was a huge delicious dinner. After dinner, we stopped by Paris Baguette, where my family got a chocolate cake for me.  It was so sad saying goodbye.  Minseong was so sad, he even slept in the floor of my room that night.  

Thursday marked my last few hours in Korea.  I woke up, packed everything, and waited.  Minseong was at school, and his mom was asleep, so I just waited until it was time for me to go.  Once it was close to time, Minseong's mom and I went to pick him up from school, and we went to the bus stop.  I may or may not have cried a little as the bus drove away. The bus ride was a little over an hour and a half long.  Once at incheon, I checked in, checked my bag, and got on the plane.  I was right on time.  The flight was fine.  I had a window seat, and I literally slept the entire flight.  All 13 hours.  

I am now sitting here in Dallas/ Fort Worth airport waiting for my connecting flight to Nashville.  I'm honestly very sad that the trip has already came and gone. I've been looking forward to it for a long time.  It's alright, though.  I know I will be back to Korea soon enough, and for hopefully a longer amount of time.  I am very grateful to WKU for giving me this opportunity.  

Student ceramic work: 

Sixth grade students saying goodbye:  

English department gloing-away dinner:

Family going-away dinner:

Sea cucumber 
Sea slug 


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